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Ahibini Bala Ukad (Love me and Ignore My Psycho Complexes) - Kadim Al Sahir

Love me without complications
And lose yourself in the lines of my hand
Love me for a week…
For days… For hours…
it is not me who cares for eternity
I'm October, the month of winds, rains and cold
I'm October so get Pulverizing
over my body like a lightning
love me
with all the Mongol's brutality,
with all the jungle's heat,
and with all the rain's fiercer.
do not leave anything behind you,
and do no get civilized ever
as all the civilizations has been fallen over your lips
love me as strong as an earthquake
or like an unexpected death
and let your breasts
- which are mixed with brimstone and sparks -
attack me like a dangerous hungry wolf,
let them erode and hit me
as rains hit the coast of the islands
I'm a man without destiny
so be for me my destiny
and leave me over your breasts
as a rock engraving
Love me.. and never question how
And never pull away ashamed
nor fall back afraid
Because when love hits us..
no (Why) or (How)
Love me and never complain
does the sheath complain about taking the sword?
Be the sea and the port,
be the homeland and the foreign-land
Be the breeze and the storm,
be the kindness and the violence
love me in thousands way
and don't repeat yourself like summer seasons
as I hate summer
Love me and say it
as I refuse to love me in silence
I refuse to hide my love
in a grave of silence
Love me,
far from the land of frustration and limitation
far from it intolerance,
far from it immobilizing
Far from our city,
which if love does not visit it, God does not visit it
love me
and do not, my lady, worry about your feet to be wet
as you will not become a real woman
while your body out of water,
while your hair also out of water
as your breasts are like white gooses
who cannot live away from water
Love me in my purity or my sinned face
And cover me like a roof of flowers
oh a forest of roses
get naked
and nourish with rain
My thirst and desert
And melt in my mouth like a candle
And blend yourself with my limbs
get naked
and tear my body up to two pieces
just as Moses did as Sinai

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