Trip in blue eyes

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Rihla fi Al Ouion Al Zourq (Trip in Her Blue Eyes) - Taim Hasan

I travel through her eye, by my ancient ships
I am the invader of this clearance, this gentle water
I travel through morning, jasmine morning
And your eyes do know that I will be traveling for centuries
I create island and drown others to take your attention
I am the one who is ready to travel to the unknown
Those are my ships’ ropes; how do you dare to call them eyelashes?
You started questioning while all my sailors are drunk
“How long is he going to sail? Forever? this is crazy?”
I will throw my anchors to the sea, if my ships tried to move
And I will be glad to sail my ships to unknown ports
At least of I did not get back, people will say
“he ended up in her eyes”

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