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Childhood of a Breast


Nar (Fire) - Taim Hasan

I love her stronger than fire
stronger than the barking of tornadoes

Stronger than winter.
She will be drowning by my rains.

Of my mind went over her chest...
I burn her with my thoughts

Or if her nipple escaped my teeth...
I look at her like a slaughterer

My love for her has no limits
As if she is swimming through all my arteries
I am want her all to myself, only for me
So no one else could dare to ask her,

I want to close my hands on her
Because of my jealousy, my selfishness

I love her, I am her only true love
And I won’t care if the stars are spreading bad news about us.
As long as you are mine
The nights will be happy with us

And all those stars and moons are ours
Our trip will spread all over the sky of east

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