At hers

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Childhood of a Breast


Einda Emraa' (At Hers) - Taim Hasan

She was sitting on her sofa
While the fire was crying next to her

Everything in her place…
is perfumed, sleek, and perfect

Everything is asking me,
“here, here is the date”

Even paints here have their own desire,
I feel my chair is already sweating

In the outside,
we had fierce, atheist winter.

It was storming in the crops outside,
But there was lightning inside my soul

And in my heart,
crying clouds and black snow
I was there, next to her,
She keeps filling my cup and I keep singing

How to fight winter?
if not by poetry and tasty wine…

And candle which gets tired of breathing?
Just one cough and after that it dies
She was humming,
like tired wolf

Then attacks me, like a lion
but with desire...

and her leg into the dark cover
looks like dangerous snake

and her body on fire
terrifying but flowery

and the necklace above her tits...
was swimming and singing

and like her necklace,
my instincts were falling down then goes up
She was like I wanted
Dictionaries can not explain her

She met all my expectations
I am almost worshiping her

Her hair was as I like
long and spreaded out

and her tits were awesome,
made of jasmine
She was with me
and the fire were crying

The crops outside were crying
and the sea was flooding

And in my heart,
crying clouds and black snow

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