In the Cafe

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The Brunette Told Me


She sat into her seat -next to me-
Peacefully like a rose in a vase

She had a book in her hand
Trying to catch the best of her attention

My coffee cup was almost jumping off my hand,
Just to be next to hers’

What can I say about the sun hat,
That summer is going around it?

The trip of light around her knee,
Created earth quakes in my soul from the roots

She is drinking of her cup,
And I am drinking of her eyes

her eyes are enslaving me,
Who could fly with the stars like I am doing now?

Each time I gaze at her, she smiles
And the ice got naked in her teeth

Share you morning coffee with me,
And never get lost with it

I am your neighbor my lady,
And gardens care about each other

Who am I? let the questions aside
I am a paint looking for its colors

Date my lady? She smiled
Then signaled me to get her address

I took a look and found nothing,
But the spot of her red rogue on the cup

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