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My Beloved


Kalimat (Words) - Majida El Roumi

Kalimat (Words) - Nizar Qabbani

I hear, when I am dancing with him,
Words, but like no other words

He takes my hands,
And put me over the clouds

Meanwhile, the black rain in my eyes,
Is dropping like showers

He carries me with him,
To a night with pinky sky

I am like a little girl in his hand,
Feeling like a feather flying by air wafts

He brings seven moons in his hands,
And awesome songs

He gifted me the sun, the spring
And flock of swallows

He says, I am his precious,
And I am worth thousands of stars

He says, I am his treasure,
And the best paint he has ever seen

he kept saying things,
made me forget my steps and the dancing floor

his words are flipping my history,
they make me feel like the only woman, for a moment

He builds a palace of illusion,
Then I live there, but only for moments.

Then I return to my table,
Having nothing with me, except words
Words, but like no other words

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