With The Newspaper

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Maa El Jareeda (With The Newspaper) - Majida El Roumi

Maa El Jareeda (With The Newspaper) - Taim Hasan

He took the newspaper of his coat,
And a pack of matches

Then, without noticing my nervousness,
Took the sugar from my table

He melted two pieces in his cup,
And two flowers in my blood

He scattered me,
Then gathered me... He melted me

I drank from his cup,
And traveled through his smoke

But I did not know where to,
And never knew how

He was sitting there,
But his mind was not there... reading the news,
And I was sitting next to him
My thoughts were eating me up,
I could feel the rain hitting me

I hoped that man,
thought about reading me...
In my eyes, the best news he will ever read

After some moments, without seeing me
Or seeing the rush of love inside me,
He took his coat,
and disappeared in the crowd

leaving behind him, the newspaper alone
like me, alone

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